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>April 2022
Amateur or first Time Female Models for Photography wanted: easy, simple, funny, sexy :

1. Our pics are individually, as per emotions, as per sudden ideas and actions with model and photographer. We only photograph for fun and special ideas, if top, then only publishing and sales, see model contract.
We create images together with you. You show me what you can on posing or action and make a creative image out of this.  (No catvwalk)

2. We pay to model between 500Kes and 2000Kes (or more) per hour shooting (dep. on difficulty/performance, partly shooting on catamaran, in rain and wind, railroad track, arriving airplanes, all outdoor naturally situations.

3. Amateur female models preferred, also no experienced models are welcome. Any age above 18 . Natuaral behavior.  Straight figure, no long finger nails, no make up, preferable short hair or even bold.
We have all kind of club wear clothes and other attractive clothes imported for the shooting. You only wear our clothes for the shooting.

4. For some shootings we require attractive ladies in Moslem clothes, similar to picture here far below. Can be with baby on arm or clothe-bag.

Other shootings we do in rain. Other shootings we do on bicycle.

5. Model Contract includes two parts (photography rights, publishing license) Example here: or in simple words:
2.1 Pictures may be edited by photographer,
2.2 Pictures are owned by photographer (pay contract), pictures are licensed to photographer means he may publish and sell.
Pics for model on request.
6. Model clothes/dress provided by photographer, size 34/36 Exception. 38, high heels 35-37, 40/41
7. shooting period April, May, June 2022. One shooting between 2-4 hours
per week
8. We need different, several models, different faces, shooting single and in group
9. We do professional art-photography with prof. camera, no cat walk, no fashion show
10. kindly contact us through inbox with full-size picture and body size indications (height, shoe, bra, weight)
latest update 18May22