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1. IR hot model photography:
Sorry, no "hot spots" on models here on this site at present. First worlwide presentaiton planned for mid/end 2018 only: Exhibition Leipzig 2018, worlswide publishing news and magazines 2018.  Reserved for individual orders only. Please contact us.

Pls contact us for incredible images of "hot spots" on models of "infrared detection".

2. Other commercial FineArt Model Photography:
Other of our own and commercial model photography can see on our commercial
photographer site here.

3. Orders
This might be the perfect background images for your advertising and promotion of your infrared products. We promise: your clients will not let go their eyes from those images and photographs, as they are sexy, unique in the world, individually, and non-repeatable fine-art photographs.

We accept US schecks, major credit cards, paypal, and money transfer. clearance in advance required.
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  or infrared paintings