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latest update 19Feb22
funny: 1977 to 2020 I wear a pair of glasses for far. Since living in Kenya I don't need any glasses anymore, not for far/not for reading and so: not for photography.
Thanks Kenya subtropical climate and happiness with people.
In brief: in beg. 90th I flew 80% of the mileage official and private which an air-captain flies per year. It was the time when we had fax machines but not always working, no internet as we know today,  no modern messengers/video conferences possible. I was one of the first who carried the engineering into clients country, under German license and untder German guarantees, but with local engineers in team for engineering/proc./construction (EPC contracts), for instrumentation. After my invention in infrared camera systems for petrochemical plants I converted that technology into model photography in 2015. I took me two years to find out how and based on what I can produce something different interesting. Today I photograph in different frequency, out of normal sight frequencies.

I lived beside others also in

China u. Taiwan for 7 years

5 years Texas u. Oklahoma/USA

3 years India

since 2018 I live in Kenya and stay forever.
"The global player finally found his home."
I rode my sport racing bike (200kg/180HP) till 2017
I participated in rallye racing in German championship

I love the new States of Germany, China/taiwan, Venice, Texas, and Kenya
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