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The oil- or petrol tree is a sketch to show which final product has been developed out of what product. A similar tree can be developed out of gas taken from the earth.

1. It starts from far below in the middle: oil taken out of the earth. “Crude oil” is the raw oil pumping out of the ground.

2. First Step is “Destillation” which produces all kind of gasolines and fuels.

3. Next Step up right is “Catalytic Cracking”, which produces all kind of fuel gas, gasolines, etc

4. When “Cracking” and “Distilling” the gas/oil even more, you are able to produce all kind of alcohols and oils which are used for food industry and cosmetics and other industries.

When you read the back of the package of your food in supermarket, like biscuits, yoghurt, etc. then you can find these names and chemicals listed in the upper tree branches.

Means: Our food, packed in packages with description of “Ingredients” has all kind of chemicals in it from oil or gas out of the earth. Some of them are even renamed into a E-Number, E 255, which may high cancer causing, as there is a proposal at European government to delete these strong chemicals in food and not to allow to use them into food again..
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