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When it comes to “how to reduce much pollution and efficiently” then must look first at those producer countries which are in sequence of highest amount of pollution producing :

The top 20 nations with the highest CO2 emissions are:
United States
South Korea
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
United Kingdom
Italy/San Marino/Vatican City

Why China and USA are top: Because they produce a lot of industrial good. In USA I was driving around 100km on interstate along huge chemical plants, some of them produce gasoline/Diesel, most others produce all kind of chemicals for the food industry, the medical industry and the beauty industry. When you have visited/lived USA then you must have noticed that everything must be beautiful and in glamour. Fast food restaurants all over and cosmetics are sold in tons every day. And beside all that there is another industry of good like cars which are sold in extreme high quantities day by day all over the country. As an naive German I went once to a car dealer to buy a Corvette in cash, it was not possible, because they mostly sell cars on credit and make money with interest rates.

Similar it is in Europe where in Belgium and The Netherland huge areas are filled with chemical plants. The pollution control in these countries seems not to be so strict like in Germany. The German big Chemical producers like BASF and Bayer are all producing in these countries and in USA.

Similar in going on in China. Where in China a lot of old coal producer (Power Plants) are located all over the country.

And one interesting pollution producer is there: Saudi Arabia. This country with mostly desert is producing huge amount to pollution due to his extreme high power consumption in big cities (look at that artificial city Dubai all in concrete and huge power consumer) and its oil fields.

Means: when watching the big pollution producer, its the consumer who ask fro such production. From lip stick to gasoline, from pain killers to fast food, all require feed stock from the big chemical plant productions. we, the consumer are causing the pollution. We make vacation in Dubai, we love special taste in food (chemicals from oil processing plants) and we love to need the make up when going to office. Besides, I love to drive a big comfortable car.

Means, not the industry is the bad producer of the pollution but the single consumer. Hence, it is only possible to reduce the pollution when we reduce travelling, reduce fancy food stuff, reduce make up, and buy more cotton clothes instead of fibre plastic clothes. Means back to natural products and stay in our own country or travel only once or twice a year. If the consumer reduces, the big industry will not manufacture so much anymore and the pollution goes down….

Here an article from the internet about the biggest country pollution producer.

Internt source:
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