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Dear Visitor

thanks for reading the truth and facts about environment protection required and not as per requirement of politicians or industry interests requirements. I love to correct published statement if not correct in technical point of view and if such lead to false actions. Today politics are there on Corona issues to make more and more money, but to forget to stay on the ground to educate and help people instead of taking part in commercial actions for the benefit of industry and government. Movements in industry towards electrical cars and throw away the gasoline/Diesel cars are good fro the industry but not much help for the environment. Instead of reducing certain high pollution activities and subjects, the government together with industry asking people to spend their money on electric cars with extreme high poisen/pollution batteries (not lasting long, must be exchanged) and forget about the power plants where the power comes from they use for the cars. Of course not every one can have the knowledge of an engineer to be able to analyse, but instead let me explain if you have any question in such regard.

I was educated to talk only if I have overcome something. If my father had to listen to nonsense or politic talking then he would have thought me out of the room in certain actions.

All my comments are proven from science, publishing of others in internet, or even from my own experience and conclusion of facts as a good successful engineer.

I was educated and studied in Germany (..”Germans are the world best engineers but the worst managers…) and so am I. After studies I worked as an employee most time in other countries outside Europe, executed engineering with foreign engineers under German license and guarantees. End 50th I preferred to retire early and moved to Kenia.

I left Germany and Europe due to corrupted government politics executed through tax commission directly on me and due to the latest “not German” politics of the government. Government and industry are shaking hand to finally push new investment to people, instead of protection people such as through proper environment. I had enough of all these politics in the news. When you are an engineer with certain technical know-how then its terrible to listen not true statements from industry and government.

I moved to Kenia because:
environment not (yet) polluted as it is in Europe/US/Asia
people very friendly and open to listen and to follow
organic food (my favourite subject) not yet available in large quantities but local markets offer domestic food from fields without (much) chemical treatment
climate very pleasant with all year 27-31 degrees C at 60-70% humidity
no heating required (no pollution)
air-conditioners only in hotels and big industry at the Coast areas (not much pollution)
only big cities carry much pollution due to extreme high numbers of Diesel-Tuk-Tuks, but 400cc small engine only
corruption at government issues probably similar to the government in Germany today
means: I see not much “need” to stay in Germany/Europe today

My work today: I comment in public and internet correction of engineering statement, such as about Corona statistics and science results and environment pollution control today. In addition I have proceeded with my Model photography but today based on technology of my invention in infrared camera surveillance

I am very open and direct, very honest and hate “false friendliness”. Feel free to contact me.
The Naked Truth about Environment Protection
brief subjects only

.......analyzed and put into public by an engineer, not politician,
no commercial interests
Rainer Sobottka